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26 Seconds

Every 26 Seconds, a student drops out of high school.

$200 Billion

The amount each year’s dropouts costs the country in tax revenue resulting from lost income.


The percentage of students chronically disengaged from school.

Our Mission

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Source: "Engagement Today-Ready for Tomorrow." 2015 Gallup Student Poll: 6, accessed 19 September 2016.

A 2015 Gallup Student Poll surveyed almost 1 million students to measure their responses in 4 areas linked to student success

  1. Engagement - the involvement in and enthusiasm for school
  2. Hope - the ideas and energy students have for the future
  3. Entrepreneurial Aspiration - the talent and energy necessary to build businesses that survive, thrive and employ others
  4. Career/Financial Literacy - the information, attitudes and behaviors that students need for healthy participation in the economy

Source: "Engagement Today-Ready for Tomorrow." 2015 Gallup Student Poll: 1, accessed 19 September 2016.

ROUTE247 provides students with an online community, resources and real-world opportunities to help them succeed in their education.


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